NFT One-Stop Solution

1. Authentication

Those NFTs that needed to make loan, trade, funding, we help to verify asset through a professional authenticating company. After the authentication, the asset goes to depository company for safe keeping.

2. Encryption

With our technical ability, NFTs are in chain on the TokenBacon platform. At this point, NFTs are now linked to DeFi and are ready for trade, loan, and /or funding.

3. Trade / Loan

After asset being listed in the platform, asset owners may choose to trade or make loans out of NFT, which would be funded by different users. NFT will be locked and returned according to the smart contract after the loans are paid.

4. Liquidation

NFT will be liquidated once the loans are due and funds remains uncollected, NFT will be transferred to the funder accordingly to the smart contract. Meanwhile, the funder can either own it or conduct an auction through us.

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